The Collective Coraz贸n Powers Us All

2022 President's Letter

At Hispanics in Philanthropy, our work is grounded in the understanding that donors, partners, and community organizations are all part of the collective coraz贸n鈥攃ollective heart.

For almost 40 years, HIP has challenged the status quo and influenced philanthropy to better serve Latinx communities across the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. And as the largest and only Latinx transnational intermediary, we are creating spaces for civil society, the private sector, and philanthropy to connect and collaborate to build a more just future. Together our  proactive collective maintains our pulse at the heart of the communities we serve in order to be better informed, aligned, and effective. 

We also believe that racial equity is the cornerstone of a just society. We share best practices, leverage our strengths, build deeper partnerships, and spread resources to those who need them most. That鈥檚 why we have been unapologetic in our commitment to leverage our power and privilege in service of building equity. 

Collectively, we have leaned into the evolving needs voiced by Latinxs in order to challenge these structures designed to uphold white supremacy. This responsibility to our values has compelled us to establish strategies that are dynamic and inspire courageous solidarity to build resources that protect the range of human and civil rights under attack.

Over the past five years, funders have trusted us to push past boundaries and reimagine what was possible. From ongoing pandemics, gun violence, recessions, natural disasters, to political instability, we have witnessed that these crises are not confined to a single community鈥攐r even a single continent. So we have dedicated ourselves to providing solutions that match this disproportionate impact. 

We create spaces like our Annual Leadership Conference, learning communities, HIPGive, and Inicio Ventures to serve as vehicles to address the challenges of our current climate and seize opportunities to build with and for us. At HIP, we consider this ambition necessary in the pursuit of thriving and beloved communities. 

As we look ahead, we are proud to lead con coraz贸n y comunidad and to hold ourselves accountable to these values across the intersections of our communities.

Pa鈥檒ante juntxs