Restoring Asylum, Uniting Our Families.

What Transnational Grantee Partners Need from Biden Administration to Protect Immigrant Families

Oakland, CA — As horrific conditions for migrants across the Americas persist, Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) welcomes the termination of harmful measures like the Migration Protection Program—also known as the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy—which would have observed its second-year last week. In light of President Biden’s accelerated steps taken to positively impact the lives of millions of migrants, HIP is releasing key elements and themes of immigration policy we hope to see included in his 100-day agenda. 

“President Biden and Congress should consult with community-rooted organizations, like HIP’s grantee partners, leading the formulation and implementation of holistic solutions to address the root causes of migration, including systemic failures of U.S. economic and foreign policy,” said Amalia Brindis Delgado, Associate Vice President of Strategy at HIP. “Government and philanthropy should work hand-in-hand to reunite separated families, shut down unjust immigration detention, and improve living conditions for immigrants across the region.” 

Informed by HIP’s transnational partners at the frontlines, we encourage the Biden administration to address the following:

  • Provide a pathway to citizenship and permanent residence for all 11 million undocumented people including DACA and TPS holders residing in the United States;
  • End inhumane anti-immigrant policies by reuniting children still separated from their families and stopping deportations;
  • Dismantle ICE and unlawful policing of BIPOC and immigrant communities; 
  • Include provisions for the protections of human rights of migrants and refugees through the Americas in bilateral and regional agreements;
  • Ensure immigrants are not left out of COVID and other much-needed humanitarian relief; and;
  • Eliminate the asylum backlogs, metering, and other deterrents to asylum, so that asylum seekers can pursue their cases in physical freedom.

In response to the most recent policy changes from the Biden administration, HIP’s grantee partner, Espacio Migrante, in Tijuana, Mexico also declared publicly that “the United States must allow the thousands of asylum seekers affected by the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy to join their families in the United States in safety and freedom. We demand eliminating the asylum backlogs, metering, and Title 42 restrictions, so that asylum seekers can pursue their cases in physical freedom, which is their legal and human right” stated director Paulina Olvera. As the region grieves the 19 bodies found, likely Guatemalan migrants recently found in Tamaulipas, Mexico, close to the U.S.-Mexico border, there are thousands of asylum seekers who are still at grave risk of kidnapping, rape, and death at the hands of criminal actors in Mexico. Their situation is made more precarious by the backlog in the United States immigration system. 

HIP remains confident that the Biden administration will continue to prioritize the human lives put at risk every day from destructive policies enacted to date. Meanwhile, HIP will fulfill our transnational commitment that has included more than 8 million dollars in investments to over 200 migrant-serving, movement building and advocacy organizations across the region in the last 2 years.