Family Separation Task Force is the Right Step to Undo a Legacy of Systematic Racism and Hate

Washington, D.C.— Hispanics in Philanthropy welcomes the news of the new executive orders designed to eliminate Trump-era policies, including the zero-tolerance policy that separated more than 2,800 families along the United States’ southern border. The formation of this task force will work to reunite the 600+ children who are still separated from their families. 

In response to the Biden Administration’s series of executive orders, Ana Marie Argilagos, President and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy, released the following statement. 

“The images of children being torn from their parents’ arms and then locked in cages will forever be a stain in our country’s history. As grantmakers, we can commit to working in partnership with government agencies to reunite separated families and address the long-term trauma and loss created by these misguided policies. We can also increase support for the already stretched organizations that provide legal representation, shelter, and medical care to families.”

Since the implementation of the zero-tolerance policy, HIP has strengthened its transnational commitment with more than 8 million dollars in investments to over 200 migrant-serving, movement building, and advocacy organizations.Additionally, HIP led:

  • Five border delegations of philanthropic leaders to learn from political and community leaders, local nonprofits, and medical professionals about the impact of zero-tolerance policy measures.
  • Two transnational summits bringing together more than 140 grantee partners and funders.
  • Resources for the wellbeing and health of organizations, their staff, and their clients COVID-19 rapid response grants, mental health certifications, and other resources.  
  • Concerted communications and narrative change efforts and technical support and capacity building for grantee partners and networks.