Hispanics in Philanthropy Calls for Justice to Haitian Migrants

A Call on Philanthropy to Increase Protection and Resources to Ensure Well-Being of Haitians

OAKLAND — As more than 6,000 Haitian migrants have been inhumanely treated, detained, and deported in the last twelve days across the southern U.S. border, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, civil society organizations, and leaders are in need of immediate resources to advocate for and support Haitian migrants across the region. As Haitians continue to face displacement and unconscionable treatment at the hands of law enforcement, Hispanics in Philanthropy shares an urgent call to action for humane protection and resources for Haitian migrants.

“For decades, Haitian migrants have made attempts to gain refuge following devastating earthquakes, economic instability, and policy shifts. Chile, Brazil, and the U.S. at first welcomed migrants, but have now abruptly switched to implement inhumane and racist policies that have forced migrants, many of whom travel with young children, to remain in a constant and ongoing state of limbo. 

“Recent headlines have brought messages of resolution, yet the well-being of deported families, the consequences of climate change, and political discord at the heart of the migration have nowhere near been addressed. As humanitarian aid evolves to ensure that migrants are listened to, centered, and supported, our role within philanthropy must also include advocating for immediate action, reflection, and planning to map out the long-term support we must provide.

“Right now, we are asking those within the philanthropic community to increase dollars to migrant and Black-led organizations who serve Haitian and other Black migrants, including those working across the hemisphere, south of the U.S.-Mexico border. These organizations are providing resources including language, legal and psycho-social services, and basic humanitarian support, in addition to important advocacy and litigation to address harms and call for reparations.  

HIP Grantee Partners to Support:

“We also consider it within our civic responsibility to exert pressure on the U.S. government to offer immediate humanitarian parole to Haitians at the U.S. – Mexico border, eliminate harmful policies like the Remain in Mexico policy, and Title 42.

Hispanics in Philanthropy continues to conduct a situation analysis via outreach to its networks, including shifting more than $80 thousand in internal resources to partner organizations working directly with Black migrants. Additionally, HIP  co-sponsored an Emergency Funder call with the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy to increase support for Black-led migrant justice.