Checks and Imbalances: Centering Equity to Build a Multiracial Democracy

When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its “Dobbs decision” in June 2022, it felt to many like a mere half-dozen people were suddenly unraveling the progress of decades and the hopes of millions. This decision was not the first example but it was perhaps the most jarring. And while philanthropy usually steers far clear of anything that “feels political,” for many in the sector this decision was a wake-up moment and sparked deeper discussions about what we might want to learn and unlearn about what is considered off-limits for conversation, convening and funding. Launched during the crucible of the pandemic and political maelstrom of the first years of this decade, Hispanics in Philanthropy’s (HIP's) Transforming Philanthropic Practice initiative helps funders navigate these choppy waters. By actively advising on urgent and effective means to fight degradation of rights and prospects for Latinx and other communities of color, HIP hopes to broaden the appetite, ambition and experimentation for power-building funding writ large. Join a chat between three presenters moving capital in ways that accelerate change and decelerate the reversal of rights and hard-fought protections brings the conversation center stage. This session will connect analyses of money and power and encourage you to wield both as urgently and effectively as possible.