Fe y Justicia Worker Center

What has been the impact of COVID-19 in your local community? ¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de COVID-19 en tu comunidad?

For our Fe  y Justicia Worker Center we had been seen a tremendous increase in wage theft and discrimination cases as well as safety and health violations. Many of our clients also had been impacted emotionally, showing that not only financial stress due of lack of financial stability but the household environment where domestic violence, depression and isolation is a huge factors for our community.

What have been the challenges in responding to the impact? What has been the greatest need in the community? ¿Que desafíos han enfrentado al responder al impacto de la pandemia? ¿Cuáles han sido las necesidades más urgentes de la comunidad?

As a non-profit organization financial support for our community is huge challenges, we continuous seeking and looking for financial opportunity no only private but government that can support and include immigrant into financial assistance.

How did your organization respond? ¿Cómo ha respondido tu organización?

We applied to more than 30 grants and organizations, also continuing to make and engaged in conversation with local authorities and other representatives to create and disbursement financial support to our immigrant community. We also integrate our membership to make local fundraising to support victims and individuals whom had been affected by the pandemic.

What has brought you the greatest joy in your work? ¿Qué parte del trabajo que hace tu organización te da la más felicidad?

The reality is we as small organization can see the effort, capacity and willingness of  our team and members to work together to create a peaceful and safe space where they can share their struggles and difficulties.

What would you like people to know?

¿Que te gustaría que la gente sepa de tu trabajo?

Fe y Justicia Worker Center is a grass-root organization that not only offering legal and advocacy support but we provide a holistic approach to our members, where include empowerment class, vocational education, safety and health in the workplace and safe space to gather without any discrimination!!!!

How can the community support your efforts? ¿Que pueden hacer tu comunidad para apoyar tu trabajo?

Sharing our goals and projects through social media, providing financial support through our website and learning about your rights in the workplace.