#GOMujeres 2019: A Digital Movement for Gender Equity Across the Americas

#GOMujeres offers a digital platform for female grassroots organizing and fundraising. This is especially relevant for collectives and small nonprofits which often lack access to traditional funding sources. Crowdfunding dollars resource their work and help them start building financial sustainability. #GOMujeres promotes South-South giving. With each campaign, we’ve seen donations come in from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Bolivia. Building local philanthropy in Latin Ameri- ca is a slow process with structural barriers, however, we believe it’s key to the future sustainability of nonprofit partners in the region. #GOMujeres is a growing digital space for feminist agendas and voices in the Americas. Each year, the campaign micro- site becomes a window into the diverse and intersectional agendas affecting women and girls across the Americas. Through HIP and HIPGive’s networks, these feminist agendas gain visibility in a more mainstream space. The quantitative results are impressive as well: POWER: More than 130 participating women-focused organizations with greater digital, resource mobilization and communication skills. RESOURCES: Over $200,000 USD channeled to the women’s rights movement across the Americas thanks to 2,000+ individual donors. VISIBILITY: Over 1 million people have been reached by #GOMujeres online. READ THE FULL REPORT DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT