#GOMujeres, Gender Equity Campaign – $55K in Matching Funds

The Summit Foundation and Grantmakers for Girls of Color Boost Digital Giving Campaign in U.S., Latin America & the Caribbean

Oakland, CA — In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, HIPGive, Hispanics in Philanthropy’s (HIP) digital platform, will be awarding $55,000 in matching funds to projects and organizations for women and girls across the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

The funds will be distributed during HIPGive’s annual #GOMujeres campaign which aims to inspire generous giving to organizations that are diverse in their activities but unified in their commitment to improving the lives of women and girls. The total amount of matching funds includes $20K from HIP, $30K from Grantmakers for Girls of Color and $5K from The Summit Foundation, whose contribution will be dedicated to supporting groups specifically in Central America. 

Through the #GOMujeres crowdfunding projects have the chance to reach donors within the HIPGive network and directly channel those donations into the pockets of their grassroots organizations. Weeks leading up to the launch, HIPGive staff offers participating nonprofits access to capacity-building training and the opportunity to connect with similar organizations dedicated to gender equity in order to boost giving.

“Every year HIPGive and the Gender Equity programmatic staff work to support organizations with their digital crowdfunding campaigns. Over the last seven years, it has been our beautiful labor of love that has grown pretty quickly to include over 250 nonprofits. They trust us because there’s no overhead cost for them, and we take the time to develop boot camps that support the development of their projects on our platform,” shared Juneth Mejia, HIPGive Sr. Program Manager. 

Last year, due to COVID restrictions, HIPGive celebrated the campaign with a virtual concert, #GOMujeresFest. The cultural event brought together femme artists, musicians, stand up comnics and more in support of the $150,000 channeld to organizations throughtout the month of March. Most recently, the HIPGive platform received a silver place award for Responsible Technology, Innovation in the Anthem Awards. HIPGive touts a significant impact of working with more than 1,000 Latinx organizations from over 17 countries, and raised more than $3.5M, from 40,000 individual donors, leading a movement to democratize philanthropy.