Hispanics in Philanthropy Launches Gender Equity Crowdfunding Campaign #GOMujeres 2021 on HIPGive for Women’s History Month

Oakland, CA — At the start of Women’s History Month HIPGive, the first and only bilingual crowdfunding platform focused on promoting Latinx social impact projects of Hispanics in Philanthropy will launch its social crowdfunding campaign #GOMujeres.  The campaign will connect nonprofit organizations, foundations, and individual contributors to inspire generous giving to projects and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. 

In addition, the month-long crowdfunding campaign will provide special incentives to contribute. On March 8th, to commemorate International Women’s Day, HIPGive will provide up to $15,000 in matching funds for every campaign to help increase the impact of individual contributors. Additionally, to celebrate its sixth consecutive year the crowdfunding campaign will award $5,000 to the nonprofit with the largest number of individual contributors.

“The tax-deductible donations put our HIPGivers – or contributors – in the driver’s seat so they can contribute directly to the organizations they most align with. It’s about connecting technology with philanthropy,” shared Junueth Mejía Martell, Senior Program Manager at HIPGive. “In an effort to provide transparency, we invite nonprofits to submit proposals to HIPGive so we can ensure they’ve been legally constituted and to later on track where the resources have been used.“

Since 2016, #GOMujeres has inspired over three thousand individuals to contribute $300,000 to 178 campaigns that positively impact the lives of women and girls across 14 countries. Last year more than 48 civil society organizations from eight countries raised close to 90 thousand dollars. 

In addition to providing capital, the HIPGive team trains nonprofits to generate their own bilingual marketing campaigns, so that through social crowdfunding they can expand their donor base. “On other platforms, you upload your project and they leave you alone. The support HIP gives, being on the lookout, answering each email, was a very strong difference. You feel taken care of,” explained Paola and Natalia, from Lazos IAP, a Mexican organization that participated in 2020. “This helped us impact the future of girls and adolescents in Chiapas.” 

Ana Sofía Sánchez of Oxfam México, participant of #GOMujeres2020 with the project Bordemos un Futuro Feminista added, “crowdfunding is definitely a part of fundraising strategies today. It is important, it is a way of being active citizens, of acting in the face of the problems that our country faces.” Additionally, Giovanna Guerrero-Medina, Executive Director of the organization Ciencia Puerto Rico said, “for #GOMujeres2020 we had one of our most successful crowdfunding campaigns, raising close to $7,500 for 120 girls to gain scientific experience in their fields of interest, supported by more than a hundred outstanding mentors.”

You can view a list of this year’s participating nonprofits here