HIP and Diverse Allies Celebrate Efforts around Strengthening Women’s Labor Rights in Mexico
On November 4, HIP co-hosted hosted an event with the Norwegian Embassy in Mexico to continue promoting the issue of women’s labor rights in Mexico among diverse actors from academia, civil society, public institutions, foundations, international organizations and the private sector. The event, part of HIP’s gender and labor rights project, closes the first phase of this initiative thanks to the support of Fundación Banorte. The project worked with ten nonprofit organizations that defend women’s labor rights in a year-long capacity building program to increase their skills and knowledge in strategic communication for effective social change. At the same time, HIP supported the formation of a community of practice among these organizations in order to advance the agenda collectively in Mexico.
During the November 4 event, HIP shared this short video (above) from its second convening with the group of nonprofits to continue strengthening their capacities in strategic communication and advocacy. This ”Communications Laboratory” provided the nonprofits an opportunity to create new projects in order to advance their agendas, applying new skills and knowledge. This space also served to strengthen the collective identity among the nonprofits as women’s labor rights defenders.


Finally, HIP also shared its new publication during the event. “At a Glance: Women’s Working Conditions in Mexico” attempts to contribute to the dialogue around this issue by sharing new data on female workers in five economic sectors: agriculture, maquilas, call centers, sex work and domestic work. These updated numbers on women’s labor participation in Mexico demonstrate the importance of addressing the persistent gender gap and discrimination that remains in Mexico’s labor market.