HIP proudly presents… Our new website!

Last summer we introduced our new logo and vibrant color palette. We couldn’t be more excited to follow that up with our revamped website.

A lot of intention was put behind the development of this new website to ensure it served the needs of our various users. Here’s a peek at some of the new features:


Now you can easily find and learn about our different impact areas directly from the navigation bar, on the homepage, or via the footer. 


Grantees & other organizations have a designated page to learn about the work we do, organizations we fund, and open RFPs.

Our Voice

Reports, posts, resources and other content can now be easily found on our “blog” and can be searched by topic and type.

Language Inclusivity

The entire site is now bilingual. Easily toggle between languages at the top of the page.

A huge thank you to Casa Blue for guiding us through this process and creating this beautiful functional new website.