HIPGive Launches #LatinxsBelong Because #WeAllBelong

Across the Americas, immigrant communities are under attack. Nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Latin America are stepping up to rally behind them, but the increasing need is stretching critical resources thinner than ever. That’s why starting this May HIP’s crowdfunding platform HIPGive is launching #LatinxsBelong to help nonprofits defending immigrant communities raise critical funding. We at HIP are committed to advocating for a world that values and respects all peoples regardless of their immigration status. By most recent figures, the U.S. is home to roughly 84.3 million immigrants and their U.S.-born children, or just over 27 percent of the overall population. In Latin America intra-regional migration is already a norm, and anti-immigration policies in the U.S. are now causing immigrants to return to their native countries where they face the daunting task of re-entering a country they no longer know. Whether in the U.S. or Latin America, immigrants face a unique set of challenges. From securing a job and housing to managing new social norms, adjusting to foreign government policy, and increasingly coping with the fear of anti-immigration violence and hate, immigrant communities navigate a stressful, unfamiliar world. Further, anti-immigration policies in the U.S. are threatening to tear families apart. Recognizing the obstacles stacked against immigrant communities, #LatinxsBelong will provide vital funding for nonprofits empowering Latino immigrants across the Americas. From defending their legal status to providing direct services, these nonprofits fill critical gaps. #LatinxsBelong’s launch also coincides with the May 1st #MayDayAction in Washington D.C., when thousands will take to the streets to march in support of immigrants and workers. If you want your nonprofit to strengthen its internal fundraising capacity, or if you are an individual who wants to stand in solidarity with immigrants, consider joining and donating to #LatinxsBelong today. Immigrants are part of what makes countries across the U.S. and Latin America great, and we are committed to rallying behind them.