Justice for Adam Toledo

Oakland, CA — Following the tragic shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo at the hands of a police officer in Chicago, Hispanics in Philanthropy released the following statement. 

“It is with shattered hearts that we find ourselves holding space for the tragedy of yet another unjust murder of a child in our community. When neither compliance, in the case of Adam Toledo, nor being unarmed and afraid, in the case of Daunte Wright, can save your life; how are our communities meant to stay safe?

“Calling for justice is not enough. Deep and transformative action must be taken to eradicate the racism fueling these tragedies and we must come together to demand the demilitarization of the American police forces.

“In Philanthropy, we have a responsibility to respond to the crisis of violence and crime in our communities through a public health lens. We can support nonprofits that advocate for public safety initiatives that invite community members to be involved in mediation and de-escalation efforts. As we move resources away from a militant force, we can pivot to fund programs that address food safety, childcare, healthcare, education, arts, sports, and civic engagement in underserved communities. This should serve as a reminder that we do not have any time  to waste on calling for just healing, but also of real, immediate change.”

Image by Anthony Crider