#LatinosGive Campaign Was a Great Success

The first Tuesday in December is known as #GivingTuesday, and it is the day the world comes together to celebrate and encourage generosity in our communities. Here at Hispanics in Philanthropy and HIPGive, we led a #GivingTuesday campaign called #LatinosGive in an effort to raise funds for 67 innovative projects working to benefit Latino communities in the United States, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico and beyond. HIPGive originally offered $20,000 in matching funds, provided by Kaiser Permanente, and within 20 minutes of launching the campaign at 12:00 am PT on Dec. 1st 2015, the entire pool of $20,000 was depleted. We were thrilled with the overwhelming response and decided to provide an additional $20,000 in matching funds to acknowledge the enormous generosity of the community. The $20,000 was offered in increments of $5,000, in hopes of spreading the matching funds evenly amongst our participants and sustaining support for all causes throughout the day. As of 11:59 pm, the nonprofits participating on HIPGive had raised over $186,000 to support Latino communities, and $40,000 had been matched by Kaiser Permanente and Hispanics in Philanthropy. In total, over $226,000 was channeled to support our communities in just one day! Our #GivingTuesday #LatinosGive initiative has been our biggest crowdfunding success since Hispanics in Philanthropy launched in 2014. And it doesn’t end there. The campaigns participating on will stay open through Dec. 31st hoping to raise more funds during the holiday season. The purpose of #LatinosGive was not only to raise funds, but also to help reshape the national narrative by encouraging people to share everyday stories through social media of Latinos giving back to their families, communities, and society. We partnered with NBC Latino to select the top 10 most compelling social media posts for a special #GivingTuesday feature. We hope that this movement lives on, and that Latinos continue to share the great stories of the everyday heroes in our communities. We can now officially say, we “Latinized” #GivingTuesday!
Everyone knows about BlackFriday and CyberMonday, but do you know about ?#?GivingTuesday?? I’m honored to support Hispanics in Philanthropy and NBCLatino in spreading awareness about this important day. ?#latinosGive? ?#Corazon?. Hispanics pour passion, commitment and corazón (heart) into all of our endeavors, be they personal or those larger than ourselves. My driving passion in life is to bring social justice and economic development to Mexico. I have worked closely with grassroots migrant organizations, like Federación de Michoacános Del Norte de California, helping them raise funds for social infrastructure projects to improve our communities back home. Recently I founded the Michoacán International Trade and Cooperation Council to better serve migrant entrepreneurs, advise local governments on best development practices and to support promising students from my state seeking education abroad. I do all of this work de corazón. Find out more stories of Latinos giving back at   A photo posted by HIPGive (@hipgive) on Nov 28, 2015 at 12:17pm PST
#LatinosGive food made with love #latinosgive with hands full of generosity #happythankgiving A photo posted by Ernesto Diaz (@profernestodiaz) on Nov 25, 2015 at 7:40pm PST