Organizational Learning and Culture Consultant with a focus on Disability Justice and Neurodiversity

Priority Location: Mexico or Central America 

Alternative Location: United States of America

Reports to: Sr. Program Manager of Leadership and Learning Stephanie Roman

Program Area: Racial Equity

Timeframe: March, 2023 - May, 2023 

Organization Overview

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is a transnational network of 480 grantmakers committed to strengthening Latinx communities across the Americas. HIP connects, informs and convenes funders, nonprofits, researchers, and other leaders to identify emerging needs among Latinxs as well as best practices for responsive and effective funding of social change. HIP pioneers new philanthropic models by leading collaborative initiatives and has provided grants and training to help build the capacity of more than 800 organizations and leaders. 

HIP proudly embodies the richly diverse cultures that make up Latin America and people of Latin American descent in the US. Holding our complexities and intersections, HIP centers  Indigenous, Black and Brown communities in our efforts toward racial justice, through healing and dismantling oppressive structures and systems. We lead, weaving a set of complex stories, leveraging power and privilege to co-create cultures of belonging and play a powerful role to fully transform the Americas towards equity. Our role is in leveraging power and privilege in service of building equity across Latin America. 

Over the course of the last couple of years, HIP has undergone internal learnings and training to better position us in our racial equity and justice journey. Starting in 2020 with the support of Latino Racial Equity Project, we reflected on the ways in which race, power, and privilege impacts our day to day, at an individual level as well organizationally in our work. Our approach was in creating the space for individual staff to reflect and build a self-analysis around identity and how we inadvertently uphold cultures of white supremacy. Out of these training we created our racial equity north star, in which we commit to continuous reflection and learning. In 2022, building on our learnings we dedicated time to strengthen staff understanding on  gender equity and how gender intersects with race, power , and privilege from the Latin American perspective. For 2023, we will focus on developing a better understanding of ability and neurodiversity at the intersection of race, power and privilege. 

Position Summary

The Consultant will be responsible for developing a disability and neurodiversity learning series of seven facilitated training sessions.Three led in English, three in Spanish -staff will have the option to pick which sessions to attend-, and a final session bringing together all staff for a larger discussion on how to operationalize what we learn. The series should be informed by a baseline survey intended to collect the level of understanding amongst staff about disability (visible/non-visible) and neurodiversity. The sessions should also include other themes like: its intersections, disability rights, disability movements, institutionalizing inclusive disability practices, etc. At the end of the series, the consultant will also be responsible for conducting a post-series survey to get a sense of the level of understanding post-workshops and a final report with an analysis of both surveys and recommendations. The report will be used to better understand our organizational level of understanding of disability rights transnationally and inform our areas of improvement internally and our programs. Our ultimate goal is to continue our organizational learning and racial equity and justice journey and push the sector into initiating the shifts necessary to build a more equitable balance of power and justice. We seek to hire someone who is embedded in the work of social justice in Latin America and the US.


  • Baseline survey to collect current level of understanding amongst staff
    • Baseline survey summary report
  • Outcomes survey to get a sense of level of understanding post-workshops
    • Post-outcomes survey summary report
  • Total of seven facilitated trainings around disability, visible and non-visible, and neurodiversity (3 in ENG and 3 in SPA, 1 training together bilingual) 


  • Experience facilitating workshops and trainings;
  • Experience and high comfort level in multicultural or international environments;
  • Experience researching, and constructing surveys and survey analysis; 
  • Committed to social justice and intersectional equity; 
  • Fluent in English and Spanish;
    • Alternatively we can bring in a translator, if providing your own translator, please factor this into your overall budget. 

Proposal Submission Instructions
Please submit your proposal to Jennifer Paniagua at by Wednesday, April 19. Your proposal should include about your organization, how you will make your learning accessible in English and Spanish, a timeline for meetings with HIP staff to prepare, meeting requirements for participants and cost for services.