Unity: The Strongest Weapon Against Hate

At Hispanics in Philanthropy we stand with our CHANGE partners in condemning the racist and violent events that unfolded last weekend in Charlottesville. This violence ended the life of a brave woman who was taking a stand against hate. We join the country in mourning the loss of Heather Heyer’s life. Our thoughts are also with those who were injured, some critically, for choosing to fight against bigotry. There are moments and events so vile and dangerous to our nation’s future that we are required to address these issues as strongly and as clearly as possible. This is one of those moments. What we watched unfolding in Charlottesville is not an accident or an isolated incident. It is part of a rising movement of hate; of white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ actions; of a growing xenophobia, criminalization of immigrants, marginalization of religious minorities, and sidelining of women’s rights. And yet, over the past months we have also seen another rising movement: a movement of unity and hope. We saw it in the Black Lives Matter movements; at the Women’s March in January; at the protests of the Muslim ban in February; and last weekend at vigils held across the country. In these defining moments it is imperative that philanthropy come together to take a stand against white supremacy and structural racism. We need to support the leadership of Black- and people-of-color-led movements that are changing the dominant narrative and casting light on the multiple manifestations of white supremacy ideology. We need to invest in movement building across issues and support relationship building across communities threatened by violence. As an organization that represents a multiracial, multiethnic, multi-religious, and transnational community, we reassert our commitment to work towards racial equity; to defend all vulnerable communities; and to our vision for a unified, equitable America that remembers and celebrates its own national motto: e pluribus unum. Out of many, we are one. Our nation’s diversity is its beauty and strength. Let’s raise our diverse chorus of voices and make that known. Let’s continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, making each other stronger, in our fight to eradicate discrimination and advance equity in every community.
We ask that you help make all of our voices stronger by considering sharing these messages widely via social media. Below we offer some sample social media posts with links to share. Feel free to use these or create your own. Please keep spreading the message of hope, unity, and equity for all.
  • We @____ stand against hatred and bigotry. Let’s #Unite4Equity
  • Our country’s diversity is its strength. I/We stand against racism, bigotry & xenophobia. #Unite4Equity
  • We must stand together against hatred. We must raise our voices for unity & ignite hope. #Unite4Equity
  • #epluribusunum Out of many, we are one. Stand and speak out against bigotry wherever it exists.